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There is nothing sweeter than a cup of bitter coffee.

Hello there, I am just your average coffee blog with occasional posts of food and other nice things. Please, feel free to talk to me anytime, I would love a small chat. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Thank you very much for visiting!

Hiatus maybe… —

I’m sorry everyone but I just don’t feel up for running this blog anymore…so I’ll either go on hiatus for awhile unless someone else wants to help me run this blog. Since I don’t want to say goodbye to this blog entirely, that would be really helpful! If you’re interested in joining, please message me. Thank you!


by Meryl CA

Cake | Cookies | Sweet baking inspiration :) http://cake-stuff.tumblr.com/

No Bake Strawberry Cheese Cake

Cinnamon Chip Sugar Cookies